Let’s data drive your improving performance path!

Navigator is the smart solution for production performance and energy monitoring

If We Can Measure It
We Can Improve It.

Navigator was born from the market’s need to maximize the efficiency of the production cycle and minimize energy costs. Through the use of sensors, Navigator collects signals from the production lines.

Once collected, the signals are sent to the cloud processing system. Navigator gives production teams access to real-time monitoring audits of energy, plant performance, and long-term data analysis by website or by mobile application.

Streamline Solutions

Customized To Transform
Any Team’s Needs

Navigator’s user-friendly interface is broken down to fit the needs of production teams using these solutions:

Intuitive Main

Production Order



Key Performance
Indicators (KPI)

Overall Equipment
Effectiveness (OEE)

Easy Installation
& Configuration

Navigator Is Downloadable
For Mobile Devices So You
Can Monitor Production

Power Progress Through Excellence

We strive to elevate the production cycle, support production teams, and minimize energy costs. Thus, Navigator is built to provide assistance no matter the time, place, or day.

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